Mar 2013 – Mar 2016

Screenshot of echoplexus chat window

echoplexus running as a Firefox App on Ubuntu, back when Firefox had apps

The goods

What is it?

Echoplexus was an anonymous, web-based, IRC-like chatting platform that made its best effort to respect your privacy. Here’s a list of some of the features:

  • create and manage public or private channels
  • encrypt your chats with a shared secret or PGP
  • secure a pseudonym for linkable anonymity
  • code (JS) and draw together in real time
  • make free and secure Peer2Peer video and voice calls with the people in your channel using WebRTC

The name comes from the song “Echoplex” by Nine Inch Nails. I happened to be listening to it while I was developing it at one point, and the lyrics, “My voice just echoes off these walls” felt really apt while I was chatting with myself.

Current status is dead. Now, a spammer owns the domain :/

The userbase / interest just wasn’t there for it to be worthwhile for me to continue working on it. Due to the multi-player nature of the beast, I can’t enjoy the project alone. One day, I’d like to revisit the concept with a better initial design plan; the ad hoc nature of feature development meant things were getting complex and more difficult to maintain.

An older screenshot of the echoplexus user interface

echoplexus used to be a lot darker! It got a revamp in 2014 for greater appeal.