Anthony Cameron
Hi, I’m Anthony Cameron

I’m a full stack software developer with a passion for the web and computer graphics. I’m user-focused and care deeply about whatever I work on.

I’m proactive and highly organized, with a strong ability to juggle multiple tasks at once. I enjoy working closely with UX to create the best possible user experience while considering technical requirements and limitations. I am driven to stay busy and dislike being idle.

Work Experience

The Bricks logo

Senior Software Developer @ The Bricks
Apr 2023Mar 2024 ・ 11 months

  • Solid.js, ProseMirror, CSS modules, golang
  • Developed a number of improvements to rich text editing, including: syntax-highlighted inline and block code, hyperlinks and link previews, callouts, better emoji support, inline images, inline comments, animated checkboxes, font size picker
  • Implemented new chat interface, improving UX above and beyond the designs
  • Implemented reactive user onboarding tour system and tutorials
  • Designed and implemented global search
  • Product management: found dozens of UX friction points, documented and described for team to work on
  • Prototyped and shipped LLM-based text generation and image generation via Stable Diffusion
  • Improved UX for dragging of images from/to multiple parts of the app, including from user filesystem and external apps
  • Improved paste of text and images throughout the app, including parsing text/html data on clipboard for rich text editor
  • Dozens of miscellaneous UX tweaks to improve look and feel
Bok bok baGAWK!

Self-employed @
Oct 2022now

  • Designed, developed, and launched LangLearn, an AI-powered language tutoring application
  • Designed, developed, and launched UnitWise, a Shopify app to display per unit pricing on storefronts

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Software Developer @ Stripe
Apr 2021Sep 2022 ・ 1 yr 6 mos

  • Designed and architected a system called ProductConfig for massive configuration changes to Stripe Connect subusers
  • Designed and implemented data structure for modeling Stripe payment method configurations, used to launch Automatic Payment Methods
  • Collaborated with tax teams to extend infrastructure for configuring W8 and W9 tax forms
  • Provided guidance and worked with other teams to further evolve ProductConfig infrastructure

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Staff Software Developer @ Shopify
Oct 2013Mar 2021 ・ 7 yrs 6 mos

  • Developed features and maintained frontend app using Batman.js and CoffeeScript as part of admin team
  • Worked with team to develop new server-rendered system (Twine & TurboGraft) that reduced mean development time and simplified bug fixes. Later, I open sourced these libraries
  • Rewrote a large amount of Batman.js code to new paradigm using Twine & TurboGraft.
  • Created TV dashboards displaying live sales data and office announcements at Waterloo office
  • Worked remotely on various projects including: improved shipping zones UI, Shopify Shipping carrier-calculated rates, bulk shipping label purchasing and printing system, multi-location inventory, and PDF packing slip printing system
  • Advocated for use of opt-out beta flags, published article on engineering blog
  • Developed working processes for converting admin pages to React
  • Worked on Checkout team for ~3 months, improving inter-team communication and unifying frontend and backend code, designed a layer to progressively replace dummy data with newly implemented API, developed server-side hydration layer for initial data and scheme to manage and persist Checkout state in localStorage
  • Mentored colleagues in the Shopify mentorship programme

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UI Developer @ Exinda Networks
Aug 2012Aug 2013 ・ 1 yr

  • Worked on large-scale single-page JavaScript app using Backbone, Underscore, jQuery, Handlebars, and i18n.js
  • Designed and implemented interactive modules such as line and bar graphs
  • Used node, bbb, jshint, and other developer utilities, and wrote an intercepting proxy in Ruby and Apache2 load balancers to simulate low-latency and unreliable-link scenarios
  • Created dummy data utilities and fixtures for acceptance tests, and used Git as part of daily workflow

Freelance Web Developer @ Uptown Creative Inc
Dec 2009Aug 2012 ・ 2 yrs 8 mos

  • Specialized in creating clean, cross-browser, interactive HTML5 websites at Uptown Creative Group by hand from image mockups
  • Created static and CMS-driven sites with a focus on interactive maps, Yelp integration, weather integration, MLS search, filtering, and pagination
  • Worked as freelance web developer, responsible for entire development phase including creating semantic HTML5 mark-up with HAML, minified CSS with SASS, image spritesheets, and jQuery
  • Improved web accessibility knowledge by creating responsive layouts and mobile-aware sites with room for graceful degradation


Bachelor of Computer Science, Co-op @ University of Waterloo

  • Awarded University of Waterloo Merit Scholarship, 2006

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Skills / Technologies

Solid.JS, React, TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SASS, GraphQL, Stable Diffusion, ChatGPT, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Splunk, node.js, websockets, Next.js, Qwik, golang