WebGL Strategy RPG Engine

Dec 2011

Screenshot of terrain generated from Perlin noise

Terrain generated from Perlin noise


Created for CS488 (Introduction to Computer Graphics) during Fall 2011 at the University of Waterloo as a final project. This marks the second time that I’ve taken this course. Against all odds, I somehow managed to miss the exam during my first course attempt, and was assigned a Fail outright. I’m pleased to announce that I have since passed this wonderfully fun course!

Screenshot of terrain and sprites

Sprite shaders for characters, pathfinding algorithm highlit in green, and L-system ‘trees’

The focus was on procedural generation, completely framework free code. It was primarily an exploration in real-time interactive graphics, utilizing only shaders and modern graphics techniques.

Screenshot of water

I displaced a mesh with some noise and sin/cos to create the appearance of moving waves

I did not meet all of the objectives I set for myself, but I was able to explore: texture mapping, texture atlasing, bump mapping, procedural terrain, water reflections, animations using Catmull-Rom splines, Phong shading/lighting model, WebGL, OpenGL ES 2.0, AI pathfinding, Perlin noise, and context-free trees.

Screenshot of water reflections

Simple reflections by flipping the world about a plane